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1.  The show is open to anyone from all states.  Their will be no age limit for kids or adults to show in the weight classes.  Showmanship classes will only be for exhibitors ages from 3 thru 18 yrs old.

2.  Wethers, does and bucks are allowed.  All animals will be shown as market animals and slick shorn.

3.  Every effort will be made to show does, wethers and bucks separately.

4.  Goats will be weighed and divided into classes by show officials.  After the goat leaves the scales there will be no re-weighs.

5.  Enter as many goats as you wish.  There is no limit to # of animals you may enter.

6.  Classes:  Exhibitors must show their own goat in class.  If the exhibitor has more than 1 goat in class, they can have another exhibitor show for them.  This must be cleared with show officials before showing.

7.  Showmanship:  Each exhibitor must show their own animal in showmanship.  The animal must be entered in the show and owned by the exhibitor.  Showmanship classes will be determined by the number and ages of exhibitors entered.

8.  Goats horns can be tipped if the exhibitor wishes to do so.

9.  All animals will require an identification tag and number will need to be on the entry form.

10.  Entry Fee: The entry fee per animal is $30.00.  Money will be used for prizes after expenses are removed.  Late entries will result in an additional $10.00 per animal.

11.  Limited space and pens are available.  Pens are available on a first come basis.  EXHIBITORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR  OWN BEDDING!  Exhibitors have the right to choose to show off of their trailers if they choose. ANY EXHIBITOR THAT CHOOSES TO USE A PEN WILL BE REQUIRED TO CLEAN YOUR PENS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE AG CENTER. BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER OR TRASH BAG TO DISPOSE OF THE BEDDING YOU USE IN YOUR PEN.  Please provide your own power source if you choose this option.

12.   Goats do not have to have milk teeth.

13.  A certificate of Veterinary Inspection is required with the individual identification and the following statement:  Flock of origin is free from Foot Rot, Scabies, Contagious Ecthyma(soremouth), Cutaneous Fungal Lesions, Scrapie or any other Infectious disease.

14.  The SouthWest Georgia Goat & Sheep Association "Summer Sizzler" Show Committee reserves the right to review the rules and make changes if necessary.  All decisions made by the Show Committee are final.

15.  Bracing will be decided by Judge.

16.  Absolutely no refunds will be given.

17.  This year 2018 we are having a weight class for goats that weigh over 100lbs. These animals will be divided into does, wethers, and bucks. They will be shown in separate classes. These animals that weigh over 100lbs will not be able to compete against the weight classes 30lbs- 99lbs. 

18.  The weight classes will be 30lbs-39lbs, 40lbs-49lbs, 50lbs-59lbs, 60lbs-69lbs,70lbs-79lbs, 80lbs-89lbs, 90lbs-99lbs and 100lbs and above. If an animal is weighed and it weighs less than 30lbs it will go into the class with the 30lbs-39lbs goats.

19.To make the weight classes fair to each exhibitor their shall be at least two animals to make a weight class. When all of the animals have been checked in and weighed and we have a/some goats that we see will be in a weight class by itself  because we have no other goats weighing in the same weight class then depending on how your animal weighed either on the low side or high side of the weight class then your animal will be moved up or down to the closest weight class to your animal. In the event that after the show committee sees that there is too much of a weight gap being higher or lower we will allow your animal to be shown in a weight class by itself. The show committee will notify the exhibitor and parents to discuss this issue with you. We want every exhibitor to be treated fairly in the event that this may be an issue.

20.  SouthWest Georgia Goat & Sheep Summer Sizzler Committee nor any of its affiliates accept any responsibility nor assume any risk for injury to the exhibitor or animal due to or resulting from participation in the SouthWest Georgia Goat & Sheep Association "Summer Sizzler" Goat Show.

229-254-2408 OR 229-723-3963

2018 Summer Sizzler Market Show 6/9/2018 
2018 Summer Sizzler 2nd Annual ABGA Show (we will be having 2 shows) on 7/14/2018 

Event Location:
Market Show - Miller County Ag Center
406 W. Crawford St., Colquitt, GA 39837

AGBA shows - Cloud Livestock Facility
1300 East River Road, Bainbridge, GA 39817

Entry Forms and Rules for Both - See below